Songs downloaded from the iTunes Store now come in a “protected” AAC or M4P format, meaning you can import them into your iPod just fine but, if you want to play them on something else, like to MP3 player or PSP, you cannot without converting them to MP3, which plays on practically anything.

ITunes itself used to let you convert any media files to MP3. The instructions varied depending on which version of iTunes you had as well as which operating system you were using, and required some “fiddling around” with settings so that you set iTunes up so that the Import Using pull-down menu shows MP3 Encoder. Doing this allowed you to right-click on a track, choose Convert to MP3, and it was done. bursa lagu

Unfortunately, with the latest versions of iTunes, the only files you can convert must be those with “unprotected” formats, such as .wav or .wma. But those “protected” AAC or MP4 files you downloaded from the iTunes store? Nah.

Fortunately there are other ways to convert these “protected” files.

One method is to burn the desired tracks to an audio CD (make sure that you choose audio, not data as the CD type). Then you can open that ripped CD in iTunes, right click on the tracks, and use iTunes’ Convert Selection function…just like you used to do without having to go through the extra ‘burn CD’ step.

If you do not want to use iTunes…it does have its downsides…you can use third-party conversion software that does the same ‘burn and rip’ conversion, but faster and easier.

For example, Drm Converter for Macs and its Windows version, Tunebite Platinum, are two of best conversion via CD utilities available nowadays. They legally (as long as you own the music) remove DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection from iTunes tracks and convert multiple formats.

If you have a lot of music you would like to convert, however, then it probably makes more sense to buy a conversion utility that avoids actual burning to CD completely. However you want to make sure you do not lose audio quality…which is the reason those particular third-party programs choose to copy to CD in the first place.

NoteBurner is a popular utility that effectively uses a Virtual CD-RW drive method that burns your tracks then automatically rips them, making the process automatic and far faster than ‘burn and rip’ conversion. NoteBurner’s one-click conversion process is easy to use and works great with batch conversions.

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