One feature of Evony that regularly becomes frustrating is the need to gain more medals, especially rare medals. Many gamers frequently become extremely frustrated as they invest weeks upon weeks laying siege to valleys, yet rarely come across the medal that they seek. Fortunately, however, there are a couple tactics you can utilize to elevate your chance of getting the medal you are looking for.

To begin with, medals are used for a few different purposes. For 1, medals are awarded to your heroes to raise their loyalty. Commanding a hero with a maximum loyalty is very critical, because it will guarantee that you don’t ever lose him. Not many things are worse than dedicating months advancing your hero to the maximum level, only to have him abandon you for your enemy because his loyalty was not high enough. Presenting him a medal should avoid this. Pendants

In the real world, however, presenting your medals to your heroes is usually a unwise idea, as there is a much more imperative purpose for medals. Medals are required in order to advance to new titles and ranks, and are frequently the limiting component in your desire to advance. If you hope to earn a admirable rank and title, you will have to keep your medals for yourself, and will have to spend sufficient effort obtaining medals. Championship Rings

One strategy to gain medals is called “scout spamming”. To use this tactic, make sure to advance your rally point and feasting halls to at least level 5 or greater. Then, attack as many valleys as your city will allow. Now, gather a bunch of heroes from your feasting hall. Custom Medal

To initiate the “scout spamming”, begin by attacking a valley that is not far from your city with as big of an army as you can muster. Once all of the units are dead, return your army to your central base. You can not control the valley, due to the fact that your city already controls as many valleys as it is limited to, but the troops will be defeated. Now, take 1 scout and 1 hero, and constantly send them to the valley you just defeated.

Since all of the troops in the valley will be wiped out, 1 scout and 1 hero should be more than enough to conquer it, and each occasion they do, you have the possibility of gaining the rare medals that you need to advance. Due to the fact that this occurs so quickly, you can definitely get five or more medals in less than a min.

After about twenty minutes of this, the units will usually have regenerated, at which point you will have to deploy your army back and vanquish them once again. Eventually, if you continue to repeat this method, you’ll be able to acquire the medals that you’re looking for.

By gaining lots of rare medals, not only can you possibly amplify your hero’s loyalty, but more importantly, you’ll be able to continue improving your rank and title. By reaching a reputable title and rank, you’ll have much more prestige and honor than the great majority of those who attempt Evony.

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